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Preview The Sagebrush Singers at NetGalley

Book reviewers, bloggers, publishers and other interested persons can now get a free preview of The Sagebrush Singers. Just click on the “NetGalley Preview” link below.

NetGalley Preview

About the Book

Four desert inhabitants — a burro, a coyote, a skunk and a raven — face an uncertain future, until they discover each other and bravely set out on a journey to start a new life as the Sagebrush Singers!

Based on a classic German folktale collected long ago by the Brothers Grimm, The Sagebrush Singers is the amusing and uplifting story of four animals who comfort and support each other by banding together. In his colorful retelling of the “Bremen Town Musicians,” author Herb Kernecker has transformed the original four creatures — a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster — into a burro, a coyote, a skunk and a raven living somewhere in the American Southwest.

Beautifully imagined by award-winning, bestselling children’s book illustrator James Watts, this picture book will enchant children (ages 5-10) and please their parents.

This title will be available from booksellers and the Humboldt American Press on March 31, 2014.

Bonus Features

Extra features at the book’s website will include the full song lyrics, audio of the song, information about the Grimms’ original folktale, and more.

Planned and in Preparation

French, German and Spanish-language editions of The Sagebrush Singers are in preparation. Contact us for more information.

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