The Sagebrush Singers

by Herb Kernecker
illustrated by James Watts

Sagebrush Singers book cover

This lively picture book tells a Wild-West-themed version of the Grimms’ “Bremen Town Musicians” folktale.

Click here to read about the German tale that inspired it.

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The Sagebrush Singers Song

This is “Mix 1” of the song. More versions/mixes are coming soon, also with female performers and with different instrumentation. We will also be asking readers to submit their own original recordings (audio or video) of the song for a contest. Details of the contest will be announced soon.

Vocals: Josh Thompson; Recording/Mixing: Johnna Chism, Dan Omelio aka Robopop; Guitar: Herb Kernecker

When out in the desert the miner came home,
Burro, suspicious, as if he had known:
this shiny red truck now would carry the ore –
for Burro himself there’s no need any more.

So he took to the trail and found three new friends,
like him getting older and at their wit’s end,
but ready to join in on Burro’s new quest:
Go down to Big Creek, sing their songs of the West.

And they walked and they walked,
through the sagebrush and sun
shining bright on their future,
and adventures to come.

So, Burro, Coyote, and Skunk, side by side,
and up high above was Raven a-glide,
watching his friends down below on their way,
scouting the desert for a good place to stay.

They found a green canyon, perfect to hide,
with a cabin, corral, a creek by its side,
and In there some rustlers with a big pile of food
“Let’s join them!” they sang, “that’ll do us some good”

And they walked and they walked…

Oh, they crashed through the window, singing their song,
the rustlers jumped scared, skeedaddled along,
through the stampeding herd, as fast as they could,
so the Sa~agebrush Singers took care of their food.

And if they should ask where the Singers have gone…
did they stay in that canyon or did they move on
to Big Creek’s Old Opera? To money and fame…?
The wind of the desert only whispers their name.

And they walked and they walked…

Words and music by Herb Kernecker. Copyright © 2014 by Herb Kernecker.


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