Deutsch macht Spaß!

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Additional Exercises

Coming soon: a PDF file containing 12 additional oral and written exercises.


Here you can listen to recordings for all of the cartoons in Deutsch macht Spaß! and any sections marked with an audio icon.  

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15. Der-nouns

16. Die-nouns

17. Das-nouns

18. Der/Die/Das helpful hints

19. Worksheet 1

Hägar der Schreckliche®Hägar and Helga are dining out

22. Worksheet 2

Hägar der Schreckliche®Hägar hangs a picture

23. Plurals

24. Worksheet 3

Die Peanuts®Snoopy is hungry

27. Worksheet 4

Hägar der Schreckliche®Father to son talk

28. Worksheet 5

Hägar der Schreckliche®Son to father talk

31. Worksheet 6

Die Peanuts®Feeding the birds in winter

35. Worksheet 7

Die Peanuts®Snoopy comes to school

36. Worksheet 8

Die Peanuts®Sally and the TV announcer

39. Worksheet 9

Hägar der Schreckliche®Delicious apple pie

40. Worksheet 10

Die Peanuts®Scouting

42. Worksheet 11

Hägar der Schreckliche®Feeding problems

44. Worksheet 12

Die Peanuts®Football in the tree

46. Worksheet 13

Die Peanuts®Snoopy is left alone

49. Worksheet 14

Hägar der Schreckliche®Hägar and his dog

53. Worksheet 15

Hägar der Schreckliche®Valentine’s Day

57. Worksheet 16

Die Peanuts®Snowballs in the Foreign Legion

61. Worksheet 17

Die Peanuts®Sisterly advice

62. Worksheet 18

Hägar der Schreckliche®Where are those towels?

67. Worksheet 19

Hägar der Schreckliche®Hägar’s monolog

69. Worksheet 20

Hägar der Schreckliche®Hägar drops the soap

76. Worksheet 21

Hägar der Schreckliche®Helga cleans Hägar’s weapons

77. Worksheet 22

Die Peanuts®Marcie and the paperclips

80. Worksheet 23

Hägar der Schreckliche®Hägar the babysitter

81. Worksheet 24

Die Peanuts®Camping & Sleeping Beauty

82. Worksheet 25

Hägar der Schreckliche®You’re too good to me!

84. Worksheet 26

Hägar der Schreckliche®An incurable romantic

87. Worksheet 27

Hägar der Schreckliche®Hägar has the hiccups

90. Worksheet 28

Hägar der Schreckliche®Men have no imagination

94. Worksheet 29

Hägar der Schreckliche®Business and wages

96. Worksheet 30

Hägar der Schreckliche®A compassionate bartender

99. Worksheet 31

Hägar der Schreckliche®Hoist the sail!

100. Worksheet 32

Hägar der Schreckliche®Royal inspection

102. Worksheet 33

Hägar der Schreckliche®Prince Rupert of Denmark

106. Worksheet 34

Hägar der Schreckliche®A wish list

111. Worksheet 35

Die Peanuts®My dog doesn’t bite

113. Worksheet 36

Hägar der Schreckliche®Ah, youth!

115. Worksheet 37

Hägar der Schreckliche®Do you come here often?

119. Bonus Worksheet 1

Die Peanuts®Homework helper

120. Bonus Worksheet 2

Hägar der Schreckliche®Hägar snores

121. Bonus Worksheet 3

Die Peanuts®The cookies are calling

122. Bonus Worksheet 4

Hägar der Schreckliche®Helga’s magic dress

123. Bonus Worksheet 5

Hägar der Schreckliche®The punch line

124. Bonus Worksheet 6

Die Peanuts®Spike writes a letter

125. Bonus Worksheet 7

Hägar der Schreckliche®I just want to ransack London a little

126. Bonus Worksheet 8

Die Peanuts®Crossing the river

127. Bonus Worksheet 9

Hägar der Schreckliche®A gift for Helga

The sound effect “Walking on Gravel” by Caroline Ford appears in the recording of these files under the conditions of Creative Commons License Attribution 3.0, made available on All other sound effects used were created specifically for these sound files or are in the Public Domain.

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