Germany for Beginners: The German Way Expat Guidebook

Edited by Jane Park and Hyde Flippo

Expat life in Germany can include glorious outings to Alpine castles, bratwurst and mugs of beer in the localBiergarten, and weekly shopping trips to the farmer’s market on the colorful local square. But it also can mean isolation, displacement, unemployment, and exclusion. With blunt honesty the authors address these issues and many more. How do I deal with homesickness? How can I make friends in my new country? How do I deal with being a trailing spouse? These are vital matters that rarely get covered in your standard expat “how to” guidebook. You don’t have to do this alone.

Deutsch macht Spaß!

An easy-to-understand German grammar review
with Hagar® and Peanuts® cartoons in German

by Brigitte S. Dubiel

Deutsch macht Spaß! (German is fun!) lives up to its name with a unique approach that makes learning and reviewing German grammar fun. The clever use of Hagar the Horrible® and Peanuts® cartoons in German, combined with related exercises, helps students who want to improve their command of the German language.

The Sagebrush Singers

by Herb Kernecker

illustrated by James Watts

This lively picture book tells a Wild-West-themed version of the Grimms’ “Bremen Town Musicians” folktale.


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