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Humboldt American titles are available from your favorite local bookstore or online book retailer. If you don’t see our books on the shelf at your hometown bookstore, just ask them to order the title(s) you want. You’ll find the title information (with ISBNs) below. If you prefer to buy books online, we have also provided convenient links:

Germany for Beginners

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The Sagebrush Singers

A modern retelling of the classic German folktale “The Bremen Town Musicians”
by Herb Kernecker and James Watts (illustrator)
Pages: 32, hardcover
Childen’s picture book for ages 4-8
Price: $16.99 (USD)
ISBN: 978-0-9845322-3-0

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Deutsch macht Spaß! / German is Fun!

An easy-to-understand German grammar review with Hagar® and Peanuts® cartoons in German
by Brigitte S. Dubiel
Pages: 160, paperback
Price: $23 (USD)
ISBN: 978-0-9845322-1-6

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