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Deutsch macht Spaß!

Deutsch macht Spaß!
The clever use of Hagar the Horrible® and Peanuts® cartoons in German, combined with related exercises, helps students who want to improve their command of the German language. BUY THE BOOK

The Sagebrush Singers

The Sagebrush Singers
Coming April 14, 2014, a Wild-West-themed version of the Grimms’ “Bremen Town Musicians” folktale.

Welcome to Humboldt American Press

Humboldt American is an imprint of H. Flippo & Sons Publishing Co., LLC. Founded in 2010, Humboldt American Press specializes in books related to America’s historical connections to Germany, Austria and Switzerland — past and present.

Self-portrait of Alexander von HumboldtNamed for the famous German explorer/naturalist Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) and his philosopher/linguist brother Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767-1835), the name Humboldt American also reflects the many geographical Humboldt namesakes found not only in our home state of Nevada (the Humboldt River, East and West Humboldt Ranges, Humboldt County) but all across North and South America, as well as around the globe and even on the moon. (See examples below.) Although he explored mostly in Latin America, Alexander von Humboldt was also in the United States and met personally with President Thomas Jefferson on several different occasions in 1804.

Humboldt American Press has published or plans to publish books on the following topics: Deutsch macht Spaß!, an easy German grammar for English-speaking learners; The Sagebrush Singers, a children’s picture book of a US-western version of the Grimms’ “Bremen Town Musicians” folktale; The German-Hollywood connection, and other themes yet to be developed or announced.

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